The perfect starter course to position yourself as an author, build your network and promote your work with confidence.

hey authors!

✨ Start building your author profile so you’re ready to go when those yesses from agents and publishers arrive.

✨ Explore both in-person and online options and figure out the perfect promo platform for you.

✨ Create your personalised marketing plan with ease and manage your promo to fit your calendar and schedule.

Ready to start building your author profile and let the world get to know you and your stories?


Once you know how to fully utulise the variety of online platforms and in-person networking opportunities to customise your promo plans, building your tailor-made author profile can be incredibly easy. With The Author Profile Glow-up, I give you the knowledge you need as well as straightforward strategies to start off your author marketing journey strong.

Pick the perfect platforms for you and create a profile based on your strengths and your schedule.

Build your confidence and connect with fellow authors and other publishing professionals.

Find the perfect readers for your work and build not just an audience but a community.

The Author Profile Glow-up is for the fiction writer or debut author who wants to beat the promo overwhelm, avoid the networking ick and build a rock-solid foundation ready to promote their writing career.

Have you ever…

  • Wished you felt more confident talking to people about your writing?
  • Felt overwhelmed at the idea of joining the publishing industry?
  • Wanted to get started with book promo but no idea what your next step should be?

You see other authors with raving online readers, confidence out the wazoo and somehow they always know exactly what to say to make people go wild over their characters. But when you mention your WIP or share your favourite character – no one cares.

You’re so busy getting the words perfect (how’s your daily word-count going?), polishing your query and researching agents that building your author profile feels like that elusive final leap that’s just too far to manage.

With The Author Profile Glow-up you’ll…


  • Feeling overwhelmed at the endless promotion platform options, never sure whether this is the place you’ll find your audience.


  • The unshakeable impostor syndrome whenever you have the opportunity to chat to authors you admire.

  • Spending ages coming up with what to share on your social media, only to then chicken out and not post at all.

  • Freezing up when asked about your writing, especially when pitching to an agent.

instead, you’ll be…

  • Confident you’ve picked platform that will enable you to leverage your strengths and find your ideal readers.

  • Networking with ease, making author friends and growing your publishing contacts.

  • Fearlessly sharing your stories as well as your writing journey, no matter your genre, trusting that you’ll connect with your ideal readers.

  • Prepped and ready with your pitch so you’re excited to share your story with agents you 100% vibe with.

This is why The Author Profile Glow-up is for you: it’s a step-by-step course that makes choosing, building and growing your author platform a breeze. And not just a platform that’s a not-quite-as-good copy of other authors you’ve seen around online – your *personalised* platform.

No more hesitation to share your work with the world or staying at the sidelines during book events. You’ll grow your confidence in networking and will have a solid base that won’t be shaken by any algorithm changes being rolled out.

I totally get it…

As an author you don’t have hours every single day to spend on networking and posting.

And you shouldn’t have to! You should be working on your next novel, building new stories and perfecting your craft instead of trying to emulate the highlight reel of other authors.

Trying to figure out what to share. Taking a photo that doesn’t make you cringe. Wondering if that author remembers the awkward thing you said while chatting to them at an event four weeks ago. Spending hours on building the profile others claim you should have.

All just so you get… 🦗🦗🦗

Nobody’s liking or commenting, your engagement and reach are pretty much non-existent and when you go to a bookish event you stay in your seat, frozen. 💔


Instant access to The Author Profile Glow-up course, complete with captioned video lessons and an extensive workbook to help you actively work though the course syllabus.

Plus! Get the incredible bonuses for extra publishing insights as well as guides, prompts and templates to get you started on social media.

Module 1 – Profile Building

The foundation of profile building: what it is and why it matters in our author careers. 

  • Change how you think about profile building forever.
  • My whole-career approach to profile building.
  • How to start from wherever you are right now.
  • Plus a beginner-friendly look at social media and networking strategy.

Module 2 – Reaching Readers

The platforms and tools to build and engage with your audience – and how to make them your own.

  • Forget copying others, we’ll help you choose the perfect platform for you.
  • How to protect your author profile from inevitable algorithm changes.
  • Expand your horizons with a balance of in-person and online options.

Module 3 – Networking

How to create and grow your author network, whether that is with fellow authors or other publishing professionals.

  • How to become a more active part of the book community and the publishing eco-system.
  • Where to look for resources and support with your career.
  • Plus my simple strategy for building your network without the ick factor.


Tools, tips and tricks to navigate the next steps in your publishing journey and to make building your profile and network enjoyable and easy.

From templates, guides and mini masterclasses to exclusive access to my student community for support and fortnightly FAQ sessions.

Bonus 1 – Social Media Guide

Bonus 2 – The 80/20 Principle of Posting

Bonus 3 – 60 Social Post Prompts

Bonus 4 – Promo Post Template Pack

Bonus 5 – 10 Questions to Ask Prospective Agents

Bonus 6 – Ways In Which You’re Promoted (that you may not see/realise)

Bonus 7 – Invite to my exclusive TAPG Student Community

How do you know if The Author Profile Glow-up is right for you?

Who will get the most out of this:

✅ You want to take active part in promoting your books.

✅ You want to connect with fellow authors and publishing professionals as well as readers.

✅ You want to build a solid networking foundation for your whole career as an author.

This is not for you if:

❌ You don’t want to do any book promo yourself.

❌ You don’t want to put yourself out there and become a part of the book community.

❌ You don’t want to support your career as a whole.

Hi, I’m Karen!


I help authors build their profile through marketing, networking and events.

In a previous life I was a teacher, bookseller and events manager before working in publicity and marketing covering children’s and YA and commercial fiction.

And the number one question I have authors come to me with is: “Where do I even start with promoting myself and my work?”

I created The Author Profile Glow-up to help you do just that: create a good foundation that sets you up for the rest of your career.

Plus, I wholeheartedly believe that people can’t support you and cheer you on if you don’t give them the opportunity.

I can’t wait to share all my experience, strategies and insider secrets with you!

I’m in! I’m ready to build my platform and my community!

Do you have any more questions?

Because I definitely have some answers:

Does this course come with live support? What happens if I have a question?

You’ll get access to my exclusive student community on Facebook where you can post any questions, network with your fellow students and attend the fortnightly live Q&A sessions!
There’s also a support form in the course learning environment where you can ask questions and request new trainings or mini masterclasses!

When can I get started?

You’ll receive instant access as soon as you sign up!

How long will I have access to The Author Profile Glow-up?

For the lifetime of the course – which means for as long as it’s available for sale. If I do ever significantly change or retire the course, you’ll receive a zip file with all the course materials.

How long does the course take?

You could watch all the video lessons in a morning and complete your workbook activities in the afternoon. However, I would recommend you take the course module by module and give yourself some time to put what you’ve learned into practice. 

What if I don’t like this course?

If you sign up and feel like you didn’t learn anything, contact me within 14 days and I’ll happily refund you.

What if I need more support after I’ve finished the course?

If you’d like more one-on-one support or would like to pick my brain on anything marketing/publishing related, I offer 40 minute Ask Me Anything Consultations.

What’s the investment for The Author Profile Glow-up?

It’s £65 for you to join the course!

Do I need specific tech to complete this course?

You’ll need a device with internet access – this could be a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Depending on which platforms you choose to focus on, you’ll need a smartphone that supports your chosen apps such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, etc.

I’m an indie author or planning to self-publish, is The Author Profile Glow-up for me?

While the course is informed by and based on my traditional publishing experience, most of the skills you’ll learn in the course will be transferable to indie publishing. I’m hoping to add to the modules in the future and also do a specific mini masterclass for indie authors as part of the bonuses.

Wondering what it’s like to work with me?
Here’s what some authors and publishing pros have to say 🥰

Karen’s masterclass on marketing and publicity for traditionally published authors was an insightful look at the difference between the two with practical tips on how we as author’s can make this work for us throughout the publishing journey – including before you get that elusive deal. Her warm and friendly teaching style made for engaging delivery of a crucial, yet much overlooked part of modern publishing.

Kirsty Stanley

Blogger & Writer

Karen always took all the stress out of my event appearances and managed to solve any problems with no fuss and always with a smile on her face! I felt like I was in the safest hands and the way she combines efficiency, knowledge and kindness is great.

Manon Steffan Ros

Author and playwright

Working with Karen will give you someone who knows the publishing industry through and through and who will support and guide you with wisdom and kindness through the minefield of book promotion.  This is a really great opportunity for new and established authors.

Janet Thomas

Co-founder, Firefly Press

Karen guides you through the ins and outs of marketing yourself in such a friendly and accessible way. There are no stupid questions – well, there probably are, but Karen never makes you feel anything but empowered and ready to take control of your writing career. Cannot recommend her enough.

Hazel Hitchins


A quick recap:

Instant access to the full Author Profile Glow-up course, with modules on profile building, reaching readers as well as networking, video lessons and a step-by-step workbook.

And on top you’ll get the incredible bonuses that will have you creating and posting on your different platforms with ease!

✔️ Module 1 – Profile Building
The foundation of building your author profile: what it is and why it matters in our careers.

✔️ Module 2 – Reaching Readers
The platforms and tools to build and engage with your audience – and how to make them your own.

✔️ Module 3 – Networking
How to create and grow your author network, whether that is with fellow authors or other publishing professionals.

✔️ Bonuses
A range of guides, templates and mini masterclasses to navigate the next steps in your publishing journey and make building your profile and network enjoyable and easy.

✔️ Access to my exclusive student community for support.

All of this for

Only £65