So, you’re having a book launch eh? First of all: congratulations! Bringing a new book into the world is super exciting and who doesn’t love a good party with friends and family and a canapé or two?

However your book launch isn’t just for you and your nearest and dearest… Before you burn me at the stake for that please do read on and allow me to explain who else a book launch is rather important to… 😉

1. Your publisher

If you’re traditionally published your publisher has taken a leap of faith with your book. They have invested time, money and plenty of manpower into your novel and this moment is not only the culmination of all your hard work (seriously, I don’t want to downplay the amount of work an author does for their book) but also theirs.

2. Your book launch venue

Chances are you’ll be having your book launch at a book shop or a venue that sells books in some way, shape or form. Having managed an independent bookshop and cafe I can tell you: these kinds of events are so important. Not only do they sell books on the night but it’s also a great way for them to get the word out about the venue and of course for their regular customers to get to know all about you. Win-win I call that!

3. Your readers

As usual I’ve saved the best one for last. Book launches are funny things but readers love to be there, help celebrate your successes and give your new release a bit of a boost. It’s a great opportunity for readers/bloggers to meet their favourite authors on a more casual occasion and due to its celebratory nature it’s always a lot of fun.


So what now?

But Karen, you say, I get that book launches aren’t JUST for me (but also quite a bit for me, let’s be honest here). But what do I do now?

Well, there are just a couple of ways you can take these things into consideration when planning your book launch:

  • Decide on the venue. I would highly recommend going to a local bookshop. Do some research, see which ones in your area do tons of events, which ones are active on social media, etc. The best events are a partnership between the venue and the author/publisher so make sure you’re involved in promo and that they do their part as well.
  • Think about who you want to invite. Are there any readers/bloggers who have supported you from day one? Any fellow authors who have been major influences and have championed you and your work? Any media/press who have featured you in the past? Make sure those people are on your list!
  • Enjoy it! For real: yes, it’s important to consider everyone else but don’t lose sight of the fact that this entire event is to celebrate your achievements. YAY!


Come at me in the comments and tell me about the coolest/most fun book launch you’ve been to!