Today I want to talk to you about some magical unicorns in the publishing world: book bloggers (and vloggers, this is an equal text/video appreciation blog). And yes, I started out in the publishing world as a blogger/vlogger but it wasn’t until I worked in a traditional publishing house that I realised just HOW MUCH of a difference these dedicated booklovers can make.

Read on below for three reasons why bloggers will be your best cheerleaders and supporters, whether for one book or your entire writing career.

1. They love books.

I know this might seem like a no-brainer but this part is CRUCIAL. Book bloggers love books so much that they take part (and in some cases a LOT) of their free time to talk about books online. Isn’t that the kind of dedication to reading what you would imagine your ideal reader would have?

2. They have a platform.

This is where things can get exciting but also a bit tricky. Bloggers have an online platform, they have followers on their blog and on their social media channels. They’re able to get your book in front of people you may not be able to otherwise reach and can help boost your readership and community.

At the other hand bloggers are in no way obliged to read/review your book. Because of this reason the way you approach them is crucial – but that’s a story for another post.

3. They are trusted by readers and the community.

I saved the best reason for last. Seriously, I cannot underline enough the importance of honest and impartial reviews. Bloggers are a respected part of the online book community and for a very good reason. A well-balanced and honest review can often do more for your book than a short gushy “OMG I LOVED it” kind of review. After that initial burst of excitement I want to know as a reader: but what exactly did you love?

Everyone’s reading taste is different so what may have been a bit of a minus for someone might be a big plus for someone else. I feel like a blogger/vlogger’s job is not to say whether a book was “good” or “bad. A blogger’s job is to get the right book in front of the right reader.

For instance I read a review of a fantasy romance novel where the blogger really didn’t like how romance-based it was. They like their fantasy more plot and action-driven. I however LOVE all the swoony magical things so from that review I knew I would LOVE that book.


So what now?

Now you know why bloggers are so important, here are a couple of easy ways to improve your relationship with them:

  • Do your research! Before you approach them make sure to have a good look at their archive of blog posts. See it as the initial introductory conversation.
  • Chat to bloggers – they’re people just like you and me. These days social media makes it SO EASY to connect and interact with bloggers and readers. No excuses!
  • If you’d like to come up with a custom plan to connect with the right bloggers for your book – drop me an email and we’ll set up a time to chat.


Thank you so much for reading! If you have any topics you would like me to talk about in an upcoming post, feel free to email them to me or comment below.