Let's promote your book!

Congratulations! Your book baby is out in the world!

The launch party has finished, the initial review blast has passed and you’ve settled into the reality of being a published author. You would think that the hard part is over. 

Promotion doesn’t stop after publication though. There are festivals and events to contact about appearances, bloggers who might not have seen that gorgeous cover of yours just yet and maybe your readership could do with an extra boost ahead of your next book coming out.

Well, that’s where I come in.

I’m here to be on your team and to work closely with you – and if you’re traditionally published also with your publicist/publisher.

Together we’ll create an exciting, ambitious and still realistic marketing & publicity plan to get you and your book in front of more readers.

As book promotion and publicity after publication varies so wildly
I offer a tailor-made approach on a case-to-case basis rather than packages.

Contact me below to book a free call and we can chat about your specific goals.

Nice things some lovely people have said about my work…

Karen really has her finger on the Social Media and publicity pulse. During the time we worked together I was really grateful for her help, skill and expertise in promoting my novels.

Karen King

Author of "I Do - Or Do I?" and "The Cornish Hotel By The Sea"

Karen is a superb publicist always willing to put in time beyond the necessary.
I feel she gave my new novel The Woman in the Shadows that extra reach that has allowed it to find its readers. Her knowledge and skills base as regards marketing in the publishing world has been impressive.

Carol McGrath

Author of "The Daughters of Hastings" trilogy and "The Woman In The Shadows"

I’ve had the great pleasure to work with Karen over the past few months. She saw my book reach #2 in two different Amazon categories.
You can’t ask for better than that! (Maybe #1, but we’re working on that! )

Kirsten McKenzie

Author of "Fifteen Postcards" and "The Last Letter

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