Today I want to talk about something that can make your experience of working with a publicist/marketing specialist either a dream or a nightmare.

Sounds a bit dramatic, right? But knowing the age range and genre of your book really is super important and below I’ll tell you exactly why – because I’m nice like that 😉


1. Marketing & publicity

As an author you need to know your audience and the same goes for your publicist. Depending on the size of the project your publicist might not have time to read your entire book and will have to rely on the information you provide (a one-page synopsis is a GODSEND for copywriting ideas).

However sometimes even with a synopsis the precise age-range isn’t clear. In just the same way that you wouldn’t market a gorgeous car to an audience that can’t drive or is too young to drive you wouldn’t market a book with adult themes to a five-year-old.


2. Distribution/shops

An age range/genre categorisation is is CRUCIAL for shops to know where to put you and more importantly which customer to recommend your book to.

If you’re traditionally published your publisher/editor will help with this but please (PLEASE), self-published authors: know where your book fits in the market. There is no such thing as a book “for all ages”. I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s true.

Please don’t make me contact bookshops to organise events and then have to tell them it’s “for all ages”. It makes both of us look bad and even worse unprofessional.


3. Pitching

I love working with bloggers and most of them will have a review policy on their blogs. In it they list the genres/age ranges they enjoy and very often also the ones they do not like at all.

Having a clear view of where your book fits in makes it much more probably that the bloggers I approach will say yes. Knowing how to pitch your book and who to pitch it to saves both me and you time. And time is money, you know 😉


So, do you know exactly which age range and genre your book fits in? If you have any questions at all about this topic drop me an email and we can chat!

PS: for a quite full list of different genres, Wikipedia has quite a lot of info. And for age ranges there’s a great blog post about age categories in children’s books right here (do disregard New Adult as that’s not really a thing in the UK).